Places to stay and visit in New York

Places to stay and visit in New York

Going to visit London, but you aren’t sure which are the nicest and most convenient neighborhoods to stay and visit? We are happy to list five recommendations in terms of nice areas for you. London is a big city so it’s useful to book and think about your stay in advance.

Get inspired and read about a few of the nice places to stay and visit in London during your vacation in the United Kingdom.

Notting Hill

Who doesn’t know this famous London neighborhood? This neighborhood in West London’s Kensington and Chelsea district became famous in the 90’s because of the movie ‘Notting Hill’ (starring Julia Roberts). Notting Hill has been frequented visit ever since by tourists. This district has so much to offer that it is now one of the hippest areas in London. A neighborhood that feels like a village itself. Pastel-colored houses, nice restaurants, atmospheric markets, and many hidden gems. More than worth to stay and visit!

Soho - London

Soho is busy and a bit noisy but it’s a nice area in London if you want to go to a theater or to go out in pubs. Soho is mainly a nightlife area. It’s a small multicultural neighborhood between Regent Street, Leicester Square and Oxford Street, among others. Soho = music and great for going out!

Camden Town

If you visit London, the Camden Town area is a must to visit. An area to feel the atmosphere. A visit to this neighborhood is something you should plan in your London city trip. The neighborhood is alternative, and it has grown from a small working-class neighb

Plans to visit New York City? And you have no idea where to stay and/or spend the night in New York? Whether you go to New York to visit museums, shopping or nightlife, you will sure enjoy this amazing great city in the United States of America. In this blog will we give you recommendations of places to stay and visit in New York during your vacation in the USA.

So get inspired and enjoy The Big Apple!

The difference between NYC neighborhoods and boroughs
New York consists of five boroughs each with their own charm: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, The Bronx and Staten Island. Most New York visitors are staying on Manhattan Island, however, parts of Brooklyn and Queens also became more popular and – sometimes – cheaper. Regardless of where you want to stay, the best place to stay in a hotel is near a subway station as it’s easy to travel in New York by the New York City subway. It takes you everywhere!


Manhattan Island is where the city originated and is still considered as the city center. Here you will find most sights and activities, such as Times Square, Central Park and Broadway. But it is also the most expensive part to stay. If you prefer to stay in a low-cost accommodation in Manhattan, we can recommend staying in an accommodation in Harlem. This neighborhood covers a large part of the northern part of Manhattan and is named after the Dutch city of Haarlem.


Chelsea is located on the west side of Manhattan. It’s one of the trendiest neighborhoods in New York. There are many shops, restaurants, art, vintage shops and nightlife. The area is covered by cobbled streets with boutiques cafes and the Green Market in Union Square. When visiting Chelsea, don’t forget to visit the High Line. An abandoned elevated railway. You can take a walk and enjoy the view over yellow cabs and skyscrapers in Manhattan.


New York’s Greenwich Village (also known as ‘West Village or ‘The Village’) has a cozy European atmosphere.
Greenwich was founded by the Dutch and was then called ‘Groenwijck’. In this green neighborhood you will find cute courtyards and gardens and many nice vintage shops. Various series have also been shot in this area, such as the stairs in front of Carrie Bradshaw's house (Sex and The City).


Queens consist of Long Island City, Astoria and Flushing. It’s located in the east of Manhattan and right below Brooklyn. The population is more than 2.3 million people. There are several places worth visiting. Sports enthusiasts should definitely not miss this district as Queens is known for its New York Mets stadium.

Astoria in Queens is different from other parts of this district, it's a real cultural medley. Due to the convergence of so many different cultures, you can have dinner in restaurants with influences from all over the world. New Yorkers themselves may find Astoria to be the city's most diverse neighborhoods.

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orhood to probably London’s most beloved area. The Sunday market consist of six markets and each market is open all week. Are you a creative person like a photographer? Then you can’t wait to see this lively neighborhood!


Southwark is in the south of the Thames. There are many restaurants to find including Borough Market (considered at the best food market in London) and many beautiful old warehouses. The view over the London Skyline is fantastic and you can easily reach major attractions such as Big Ben and Tower Bridge.


Shoreditch used to be a bad neighborhood in London, but the past years it has grown to a nice and safe area to visit and stay. Shoreditch can be considered as a creative and chaotic. As far as I’m concerned, this creative area is the ‘real London’. Fans of street art can indulge themselves in Shoreditch. You will street art on almost every street corner. If the weather is nice, we can highly recommend to visit the city garden Nomadic Community Garden. Shoreditch has a lot of bars so it’s also a nice area to stay in if you want to see London's nightlife. Take a look at Brick Lane as you can find the best curry in London. Are you into Indian restaurants? Then you should go to the right place at Dishoom. Be on time because this restaurant has a long queue every night.

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