Places to stay and visit in Los Angeles

Places to stay and visit in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is considered as a classic American city. Most cities in Europe have a city center where it’s obvious to stay or close by, Los Angeles doesn’t have that.
Instead, The City of Angeles consist of many really good neighborhoods that all have their own identities. Each part of the city has a different atmosphere and each district also has its own hotspots and nice sights.

When you visit a big city like LA, you have a wide choice of hotels and places to stay. It can be quite overwhelming. If you’re never been there, you have no clue about the best places to stay and visit in such a big city. Don’t worry, I’m going to lend you a hand!
Be inspired by this blog and read about a few of the nice places to stay and visit in Los Angeles during your vacation in the USA!

What is Los Angeles downtown?

As mentioned, Los Angeles does not have a distinct center like Manhattan, New York. You can call Los Angeles downtown the official center of the city. After all, in many cities – the oldest part of the city – is most of the time the place to be. However, not in LA! Downtown is mainly the business center. The image of downtown LA wasn’t so good for a long period of time. But nowadays it has received a nice makeover.
As a tourist you wouldn’t feel attracted to the concept of business. Fortunately, there are much nicer neighborhoods to stay and visit!


Venice is a beautiful area and best known for Venice Beach. Also, one of the most popular neighborhoods in Los Angeles. It’s a trendy area where you’ll find a lot of Instagram hotspots. Is it a cool place because it’s fun to see and to be seen? Definitely not! Venice has – in addition to the well-known beach – several attractions which are worthwhile! Starting with the most favorite among tourists: The Boardwalk. Right on the beach. The perfect place to watch people or watch skaters do their tricks in the skate park.
A little further down you will come across the Abbot Kinney Boulevard. This is a long street where you will find great shops, special boutiques and restaurants. Abbot Kinney decided in the 19th century to recreate his favorite European city: Venice, Italy. That’s why you come across canals and Venetian bridges.


Hollywood is a popular and unmissable place in Los Angeles. Even if you don’t stay in there, you will most likely end up there. You probably have heard or seen the gigantic Hollywood sign. Also, the Hollywood Walk of Fame (which - by the way - is surprisingly past glory). Hollywood is just the place to be for movie lovers. Los Angeles itself is a city where you can spot celebrities relatively quick thanks to this area.
The Hollywood sign and the Hollywood Walk of Fame are some of the popular hotspots in Hollywood. The well-known Griffith Observatory is also in this list. It’s located on the top of Hollywood mountain and provides you a beautiful view overlooking the city.

Santa Monica

Santa Monica is officially a city. It is located right next to Venice and thus on the coast of LA. That’s why this city is included in the places to stay and visit in Los Angeles.
Santa Monica is a bit more quiet than Venice which is advantage for people who don’t like tourist crowds. It’s also directly connected to the boardwalk of Venice. This makes it easy to switch places.
The famous Santa Monica pier offers a relaxed atmosphere with all kinds of small shops, places for food and drinks and some tourist attractions like a Ferris Wheel and rollercoaster. And don’t forget to watch the amazing sunset from the pier!

Silver Lake

Silver Lake – sometimes referred to ‘’Brooklyn of Los Angeles’’ - is one of the hippest neighborhoods in LA. Many good hotspots and surrounded by many young people. It’s an area to work in great coffee place, but also to enjoy a fresh brunch on a Sunday in a cozy, traditional restaurant.
Silver Lake is a neighborhood where you mainly meet a lot of young and creative people. There is a large amount of street art and smaller unknown shops. For example: cool vinyl shops and second-hand and vintage clothing. A nice neighborhood to stay, to walk through and explore various hotspots at your own pace.

As you have read, there are plenty of nice places to stay and visit in Los Angeles. How cool is it to take a messenger bag with the printed airport code LAX (https://www.terminalzero.com/bag-shop/airbag-lax.html) with you during your whole trip?

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